Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Yeah, we'll see how long this keeps up...

"It's nice to see you giving something back after taking so, so much."
-The Simpsons

I love mp3 blogs, love 'em. I'm too lazy and poor and unhip to ever get one going, but with some help from places that post great mp3s, maybe I can at least highlight some at a semi-regular pace.

Expect this to have ended by tomorrow, but for we go...

For Stars "How It Goes"

Do you ever have memories that are so great that you replay them in your mind over and over and over again? But, when you recall these particular memories, the soundtrack that went along with them was either highly inappropriate, or just annoying? So, in your memory you substitute another song for whatever was playing in the background, and in a way, modify the memory forever.

For me, the memory is staying a week with a friend who'd moved to Washington. On our last day there, we decided that to overcome the lure of cheap American prices to go and see the ocean. The only problem being that the quickest way to get to the ocean was a three to four, to maybe even five hour drive out of Washington and into Oregon. But, we did it anyways. And aside from the beautiful Seaside, itself (which is pretty much my favourite place on Earth right now), my favourite memory is driving there. The sun was shining, the roads weren't too busy as it was late September, and the road was surrounded by trees and bits of sunlight crept in and poked between the leaves to bathe the car in a kind of scattered light. At the time, we were listening to the only CD my friend owned at that point which was Linkin Park, but since then, I've replaced Linkin Park with thi song, and every time I hear it reminds me of warmer days, on my way to the beach.

Kyle Fischer "One More Day"
(I don't know how to properly link, so here is a link for the mp3 search page, just type in Kyle Fischer and you should find it).
I'm not sure why I never quite bought this album, finding this song on a mix tape at work this week reminded me of just how in love with this song I was.

Despite this being from the Kyle Fischer of Rainer Maria solo album, he actually gets Caithlin De Marrais to sing this one (and actually from reading it, he uses her and Mike Kinsella of Owen and American Football on mostly the entire album), and it is amazing. My biggest problem with Rainer Maria is the same one I have with Velocity Girl and that is that the singer's voice is often just way too powerful for the backing music and it just doesn't mesh. But, here, Caithlin's voice owns the song and the music doesn't intrude and try to take it away from her. I can't believe this song hasn't been played during a film when the sad leading guy/girl is pining for a relationship he/she screwed up/were screwed out of.


No Tomorrow Charlie said...

Perhaps you ought to just post mp3 and no text?
I like writing the texts aswell but if your REALLY lazy......

asfor good music, check out my blog and so.



Caley said...

I had something ALL ready to post, and now it seems that Epitonic is not working, don't worry I haven't abandoned it yet! I may even post it today, anyways.

Matt said...

I'm only 10 seconds into this song and I'm diggin it (the For Stars one). I may have to swipe this for my blog ;) Good post!

Caley said...

Feel free to steal, since I'm borrowing it from epitonic anyways.