Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So, these seem to be working for some people, although I can only seem to download the mp3s if I right-click on them, rather then left-click. Odd. I will keep trying to post mp3s where I can, but I will also always post the links, so even if the mp3 link works for you, you should try the link, as well, ‘cuz there’s often a whole lot more good music there, too.

Sunday’s Best “ When Is Pearl Harbor Day?” {LINK}
I’ve been racking my brains all day, at work, trying to think of something interesting to say about this song other then that it’s pretty and reminds me of summer, but came up completely empty. I thought about writing about how weird it is that the song is about Pearl Harbor Day (sort of, well, not really, but it is in the title) yet it reminds me of summer, and then it occurred to me that I couldn’t even remember when Pearl Harbor day is. So, I looked it up, and lo and behold, today, December 7 is Pearl Harbor Day. So, now you HAVE to download it, I’m probably not gonna stumble across another mp3 as a propos as today’s.

Sunday’s Best are a damn fine indie rock band, and the fact that their website is up for sale has me the least bit worried. They are one of those fine bands that never got the attention they deserved, aside from a weird repeated use of their song on the incomparable, but all too brief MTV series Clone High. Come back Sunday’s Best! I still love you.

The Appleseed Cast “Fight Song” {LINK}
There is no such magic at work with this one, just a perfect song, no crazy coincidences. The Appleseed Cast is a fine band (I should stop saying that) who are too often tossed in as another “emo” band. But The Appleseed Cast left the emo realm behind when they released the experimental Low Level Owl records and Pitchfork started to sing their praises, things seemed to be on the rise. Then, “Two Conversations” their most recent album came out and everyone jumped off the bandwagon. I guess it’s not cool to be “emotional” anymore. But the album is amazing, it seems to be almost like a scrapbook of a relationship on the downswing. This song is my highpoint of the album, aside from the closer “A Dream For Us”. The lyrics are terrific:
“So we’ll look out on the lake and we see the white light.
It should have been gold.
I said it was gold.
Then maybe all the crazy things you said would have some meaning”

This was my album of the year for 2003, you should go get it, now.

Oh yeah, and go on over to POP77 and download the Radio Dept. songs, especially if you’re into noisy ethereal music a la M83 or My Bloody Valentine. Then follow his links to download The Cardigans live KCRW set, as he says, if all you know about the Cardigans is "Love Fool" or "My Favourite Game", there is SO much more to them.

EDIT: It seems that the Appleseed Cast mp3 is not working, there is some kind of problem with Tiger Style records, so now, you're a gonna have to go to Insound, you can download it from there if you search for it, that works, honest.

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chrisp said...

Hey Caley!

Thanks for the shout-out to Pop77. I'd really recommend tracking down the Radio Dept. Album, it's brilliant!

Hadn't heard any Appleseed Cast - "Fight Song" is really great. Nice textured production - just a really great song.