Tuesday, November 23, 2004

We're back! Sort of...

"Fuck you fuser"
-The Motorcycle Diaries

So, the ape has become a skank, if blogger is reading this, I suppose they can delete throbbingskunkape as there seems to be no way I will ever get back into it.

In theory, I should be posting a lot more, in reality, that probably won't happen until I become jobless (possibly as soon as X-Mas). But, I will try. Scout's honour. But take that for what you will b/c I was never in the Scouts. I did go to Beavers once, and got chastized for not recognizing the Beaver Call. Sounds like a porno.

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SarahJane709 said...

Hey there Caley,
I just realised I haven't spoken to you in ages. What are you doing with yourself these days? Anyway, drop me a line. I'll continue to check in.
From the cold, wintery city of Calgary, Sarah Jane