Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Come on! Come on!"

Hey, I'm going to try and do some semi-daily (read: less than weekly) content on here. It's a simul-post from another message board, so if you're following me from there, my apolly-woggies, you've probably already seen this.

Giant Sand “Shiver”: Beginning with a whispered “Come on come on” this song has such a beautiful melody, and Howe Gelb’s vocals have never sounded better, all smoky and weary like he’s resting on his back porch, looking out over the desert landscape of his Arizona backyard. I’m completely puzzled why this hasn’t been the theme to some TV dramedy or hip indie film. I can honestly say I’ve never really enjoyed any other album by Giant Sand or Gelb’s solo projects (God, that one is almost unlistenable). But, this has such a sweetness, such a resignation to it. I love the sadness of the lapsteel when it comes in, the weird loopy sounds in the background, and for me it doesn’t get any better than when he says “Never mind, gonna find…” and a whispered female vocal echoes it back at him. That entire “Chore of Enchantment” album is really deserving of your (and my) attention.
As always, drop the "x"s.