Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Jim Yoshii Pileup - Silver Sparkler

"It comes back to me like pieces of a dream I can't remember/
and i don't think you took a breath from march until september/
when they sat me down and upped the dose/
said son tell us what to do/
this isn't only killling you/
this isn't only killing you"
-The Jim Yoshii Pileup - Silver Sparkler

There is a certain joy when a site you visit on a week to week basis finally updates. And that joy is augmented when the update contains an mp3 (unmastered or not) from the upcoming album. The JYPU create amazing music, some of the most emotional, cathartic stuff ever. I feel really bad, though, as I don't own any JYPU albums, and every time I start to get my shit together and attempt to start hunting the albums down, seeing as they are unavailable in any local stores, something comes along to cut me down at the knees. This something is usually a firing, or a laying off, or just a complete lack of money (Don't worry, I'm not gonna start asking for paypal donations, this site only costs me time, and time I have in abundance. My time is worthless)

Oh, right...the mp3
The Jim Yoshii Pileup - Silver Sparkler {link}

This is good, it is very good. Sad guitars chime in the peripheries of your headphones while the lyrics keep the tone. The music is less slow and grueling (and I mean grueling in a good way) than most JYPU. It keeps up a pretty brisk pace, and the backing vocals toward the end are so good. This is a band making progress. And it ends with the words "I'm Sorry" which I love. (I was actually thinking of doing a whole series of apology songs, and leaving off "All Apologies", I had some ideas, but ultimately couldn't think of enough songs I need to share, than this comes along. Synchronicity!)

Oh yeah, I'm on Web Nymph now. Thanks Web Nymph! I would link you permanently, as I would link many blogs permanently, but I don't know how. I'm really quite a luddite at heart.


SarahJane709 said...

How do you upload an MP3 on a blog?

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm marlene. this song made me bawl my eyes out today. i look like a raccoon.

Caley said...

Hi Marlene, thanks for stopping by! If you can find any, look up more Jim Yoshii, their stuff is all sad, but good.

In fact you should run (don't walk) on over to here and download everything, but especially "Breakdown" which is probably my fave JYPU song I've ever heard.